Breeding philosophy

Since my earliest childhood I had a dream – to be prepared for breeding dogs some day.

My wish came true in the Nineties, when I had my first litter with my Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch Siji of Bo Kama and the Dutch stud dog Milton. 8 litters followed and currently I am expecting a litter from Nanga and Spooner.

To me, breeding dogs is a challenge. With my deepest conviction I only breed with healthy, well tempered parents, showing the laid back, incorruptible temperament and the typical exterior the race is standing for. Preserving, maintaining and supporting these characteristics of the race is very important to me.  

The puppies are being born and raised in our house together with the family. Therefore, they have the chance to develop a close relationship to and learn to trust in human beings. A large winter garden and outside area offer lots of space for playing, running, raving and exploring the new world.

Very early, our puppies are being imprinted on everyday noises and situations. They are being imprinted on the whistle, they are being house-trained using a dog litter pan, they learn to enjoy a car ride, they meet kids in a nursery and they are being introduced to fowl while having a walk in the near-by urban park. As a result, they get used to „stressful“ and everyday situations in a very soft and playful way which makes it easy for the puppies to move into their new homes and to cope with the facets of life.  

At the age of 8 weeks they may move and manage the life in and of their new families.

The puppies are being dewormed several times, vaccinated and provided with a microchip. The litters are being controlled by two breeding supervisors of Club E.L.S.A.

We are looking for committed, competent, consistent and enthusiastic Ridgeback lovers who appreciate how we raise our puppies and who are willing to continue our course.  They should provide their new companion with an adequate environment, appropriate activities, a lifelong sincere friendship and close family ties.

We will always be there for the new parents and are happy to give all the advice and practical support required.