Decission is made: The stud dog for Nanga`s last litter will be Umvuma Moca Cubo (Neo) Litter planing 2013

Umvuma Moca-Cubo
Umvuma Moca-Cubo

Happy 4th Birthday, my beloved Nanga!

Today, 23rd of April, and exactly 4 years ago you saw the light of the day in Czechoslovakia at your breeder Jana Helesikova. Let me say many, many thanks to you again, dear Jana, for this wonderful dog. 8 weeks later, my dear Nanga, I picked you up in Prague and we traveled to Germany by plane. During these four years we spent with each other you brought so much joy into my life. I would wish many, many more years of pleasure and health for you and me together. Currently we are enjoying your five little puppies who are 3 weeks young today and who are lucky enough to have such a devoted mum!!!  

Thank you for being in my life, my dear Nanga!


Happy 13th Birthday, dear Tia Nanga Hawa!
From the depth of my heart, I do wish you a wonderful coming time and for you and your „Dad“ Werner all the best. I love to hear that you are still his companion at school! Keep it up! 


2th April 2012. Five wonderfull little Jambos are born!

See under Puppies


Sunday, March 25th ,

Nanga`s 56th day of her pregnancy

The countdown has started! This means, we arrived the 9th and last week of Nanga’s pregnancy. Nanga keeps feeling really good and the little Jambos keep wriggling and moving a lot. It touches the heart to see and – of course - feel it.

day 49
Sunday, March 19th, we have new photos of the mother-to-be on day 49 of her pregnancy!
Nanga is doing really good, her appetite is gigantic and her willingness for longer walks keeps decreasing slowly but continuously.


Sunday, March 10th, Nanga’s „photo shooting“ on the 42th day of her pregnancy at home in the garden.

Nanga is feeling top, her appetite keeps growing continuously, she stopped playing around too much with other dogs and her daily walks are well-balanced and calm.

“Searching for goodies”
“Searching for goodies”

Nanga on the 35th day of pregnancy

Nanga (right) fishing for goodies
Nanga (right) fishing for goodies

Nanga on the 28th day of pregnancy

Nanga is pregnant! Now we are looking forward to our little “Jambos” who are expected to see the light of the day on March 31st!!!!

For further information see

                                   Litter planning spring  2012


From now on we are keeping our fingers crossed!!!


On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th Nanga and Fana Zulu Hakimba Spooner mated. We expect our little “Jambos” to see the light of the day on March 31st.
Spooner captivated Nanga with his even-tempered character and his calm approach and both dogs mastered the mating in a very special way.
Now we do hope that this love will bear fruit and that we soon may look forward to Nanga’s and Spooner’s offspring!
After 27 long days of waiting the ultrasound will give us the final information – until then we have to wait with patience.

Nanga is in heat since Tuesday, January 17, 2012.
If the timing is according to textbook, Fanazulu Hakimba Spooner and Nanga will “date” the weekend after next!  
Our days will certainly be exciting until the sonogram will let us know whether we may look forward to little Tia Nanga “Jambos”!

More information see litter planning

Last week Nanga started her modelling career and had a fotoshooting.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 – small puppy-get-together

June 2011 - Workshop with  Dr. Ute Berthold-Blaschke
"The ‘fine print’ of body language"

Mai 2011 - Workshop with Esther Follmann and Mirjam Aulbach
GO SNIFF II – Nose first ….. or „Travelling into the world of scents”

Nanga retrieving the duck

Nanga „at work“  - Nanga and the „beer coaster touch“

Harry communicating: “May I help writing??“

June 26, 2011
Time flies….. today our 7 dwarfs are celebrating their first birthday. Congratulations from our heart – we are looking forward to an exciting next year for all of you :-)
For an enlarged view please click the picture

May 6, 2011 European Dog Show Dortmund

Well done, Nanga! Good girl!

March 13, 2011 – puppy-get-together  
Pictures are online – please click here

January 22, 2011
Today we would like to introduce you to two of the elderly but top fit Tia Nanga ladies from former litters.

Tia Nanga Ghani
Mother: Siji of Bo Kama       Father: Jockular Anubis

Born: 20.09.1998

Tia Nanga Hawa
Mother: Shika Kioja of Bo Kama    Father: Mswati`s Mwanamoetapa

Born: March 1999

Today, June 26, 2010, Nanga gave birth to 7 puppies.

Pictures week 8

And moving into the new home – our 7 dwarfs with their new “parents”

August 15, 2010
Pictures week 7 - "The big wide world"
All puppies have found a loving home
August 8, 2010

Week 6 – what’s happening in the world of 6-week-old puppies ……

August 01, 2010
The 5th week has begun – the latest news from the 7 dwarfs

July 25, 2010
Week 4
7 dwarfs ready for action

July 21, 2010
„Nail care“ for Ibo Abuya

July 15, 2010
First pictures of the third week

July 10, 2010
Pictures of day 13

July 6, 2010
Going into the second week with our puppies

July 01, 2010

The latest news from whelping box

Day 5 – Cozying up to each other

June 29, 2010
Our puppies already got their names and would like to introduce themselves today

"I- litter“
Today, June 26, 2010, Nanga gave birth to 7 puppies.
More information and first pictures se „I-litter“ – 1st day