Puppies J-litter



Easter Monday, April 09, 2012 Day 7

Today the little Jambos „reached the age of one week“!

They are developing very well and are crawling across the whelping box with more and more “power”. Mummy Nanga keeps refilling the milk bar – which keeps her very busy because the appetite of the Puppies is gigantic.  This is not without consequences – all of them doubled their birth weight.

For two days now Nanga dares to take a short break – which is maximum 15 minutes – to get some rest outside the whelping box. 

Juba (pink collar)


Jamal (red collar)


Tamu (silver collar)


Kiboko (light blue collar) 


Ngoma (yellow collar)

day 3

Now the little Jambos are 3 days old. They are growing and prospering very well and Nanga is a devoted Mum. She keeps cleaning and caring for her babies with abandon.


In close contact with Mummy’s foot!


A soft pillow ……

Nanga’s „cuddle-lion” (her beloved pillow) is also a “must” in the whelping box!



Even Spok did not have more beautiful ears than I have, did he?


Flashes all the time! I rather close my eyes!!!!!



 Monday, April 2, 2012,

Nanga gave birth to 5 little Jambos (1 bitch, 4 male dogs). All puppies do have a ridge, without any incorrectness as far as can be seen until today. The course of birth was as uncomplicated as the pregnancy and Nanga is a loving and caring Mum.

A heartfelt ‘thank-you’ to Daddy Spooner and Mummy Nanga for these gorgeous puppies!

The little Jambos are introducing themselves!

(Presentation in the order they have been born. To enlarge please click on picture)


Tia Nanga Jambo Juba

Weight at birth: 460 g


Male dog

Tia Nanga Jambo Jamal

Weight at birth: 481g


Male dog

Tia Nanga Jambo Tamu

Weight at birth: 417g


Male dog

Tia Nanga Jambo Kiboko

Weight at birth: 362 g


Male dog

Tia Nanga Jambo Ngoma

Weight at birth: 490g